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Why ICICIdirect?

ICICIdirect is the largest retail broker and financial product distributor in the country trusted by over 50+lac customers with over 2 decades of service having 170+ branches across India. ICICIdirect.com has revolutionized the world of online investing. This online share trading platform offers a trading account for seamless and hassle free electronic trading. ICICIdirect offers more than 50 products and services like Equity, Mutual Funds, Derivatives, Futures and Options Currency, Commodity, ETF, Insurance, IPOs, Corporate Fixed Deposits, Loans, NPS, Wealth Management, Corporate Services, NRI Services, Portfolio Management Services, Global Investment, Financial Learning, Tax Services etc. under one roof to help you to achieve your investment goals.

What sets ICICIdirect apart is its unique research desk that offers various research based products designed to meet your needs across different time horizons. ICICIdirect award winning research teams have a 75% strike rate since inception.

Come and discover the world of trading and investing by opening ICICIdirect account today!

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