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Invest your idle funds in icici bank fixed deposit

Earn assured returns on your savings and meet your short-term and long-term goals with fixed deposits from ICICI Bank. With attractive interest rates and flexible investment tenures, our fixed deposits are one of the safe investment options available. Opt for a fixed deposit account and let your savings grow over a period ranging from seven days to a decade!


Here is a quick list to tell you why FD is the ideal investment option:

Safety of your funds with the trust of ICICI Bank

Assured returns on your investment.

Designed for convenience – Invest anytime, anywhere

Instant liquidity -Get an overdraft against your FD or opt for partial withdrawal

Competitive interest rates. Investment starts with as low as just ₹10,000 across flexible tenures to suit your needs, from seven (7) days to up to ten (10) years.

Loan against FD - Avail of a loan facility up to 90% of principal and accrued interest. Loan against the fixed deposit maybe given to the depositors at the discretion of the Bank.

Minimum Balance - avail of ICICI Bank Fixed Deposits for a minimum deposit of ₹10,000

FD Interest Rates

Interest rates on Domestic, NRO & NRE deposits(Less than ₹5 crore)

Interest rates (% p.a.) w.e.f. Oct 21, 2020 Single deposit of less than ₹2 cr Interest rates (% p.a.) w.e.f. April 06, 2021 Single deposit of ₹2 cr & above but less than ₹5 cr
Maturity Period General Senior Citizen General Senior Citizen
1 year to 389 days 4.90% 5.40% 3.75% 3.75%
390 days to < 18 months 4.90% 5.40% 3.75% 3.75%
18 months days to 2 years 5.00% 5.50% 4.00% 4.00%
2 years 1 day to 3 years 5.15% 5.65% 4.40% 4.40%
3 years 1 day to 5 years 5.35% 5.85% 4.40% 4.40%
5 years 1 day to 10 years 5.50% 6.30% 4.40% 4.40%

*NRE rates applicable for tenure of 1 year and above only.

**Senior Citizen rates applicable only for domestic term deposits.


Regular Fixed Deposits

Simple investment product which offers safety, liquidity, flexibility and assured returns.

FD can be opened for minimum amount of ₹10,000.

Choose from flexible tenure ranging from seven (7) days to ten (10) years

Overdraft (OD) against FD up to 90% on principal plus accrued interest

Option of premature/partial withdrawal for urgent funds requirement

Money Multiplier FD

The Money Multiplier feature gives you the liquidity of a Savings Account coupled with high earnings of a Fixed Deposit. This is achieved by creating a Fixed Deposit linked to your Savings Account providing you the unique facilities.

Minimum balance in the Savings/Current Account should be ₹15,000 to generate a linked FD request.

The linked FDs will be under the same Customer ID and will be for a minimum tenure of 1 year for Savings Account customer.

All FDs linked to the account will be enabled for automatic reverse sweep when the balance in the Savings Accounts falls below ₹10,000 for individual customers.

FDs will be broken in Last-In, First-Out (LIFO) basis for reverse sweep.

The Fixed Deposit will be opened in auto renewal mode. The deposit will be renewed for the same tenure as the original tenure.

The interest rate on such Fixed Deposit will be the rate applicable for the respective period, prevailing as on the date of such auto renewal

Tax Saver Fixed Deposits

Unique product which offers dual benefits of assured returns and tax savings. Tax Saver Fixed Deposits offers tax deduction up to ₹1.5 lakh under Section 80C of Income Tax Act.

Invest as small as ₹10,000

Fixed tenure of five years

Get tax deduction up to ₹1,50,000 under Section 80C*

Flexible interest payout – monthly, quarterly or reinvestment in principal

No premature withdrawal and auto-renewal facility

Interest earned is taxable

*Subject to Income Tax Act, 1961 and amendments thereto

FAQs on Fixed Deposits

A fixed deposit is an investment option that allows you to earn interest on the amount invested/deposited.

When you invest in an FD, the amount you deposit is invested for the period of the investment. At the end of the FD’s tenure, you can withdraw your principal as well as the interest earned thereon. You can even choose to receive the interest earned on your deposit as period payments.

At ICICI Bank, we offer you the option of investing in a fixed deposit, which is a safe and secure instrument. Attractive rates of interest and the flexibility to withdraw funds as and when required are some of the benefits of our FDs. Other beneficial features of ICICI Bank’s fixed deposits include ease of investment and the option to avail a loan against your deposit.

The methods of calculation of interest on our fixed deposits, both traditional and cumulative, are explained below.

Traditional FDs
  • For traditional fixed deposits with quarterly pay-outs interest is calculated based on annual rates (simple interest). However, in case of monthly pay-outs, interest is paid at a discounted value. For traditional fixed deposits with quarterly pay-out, interest is calculated on the principal amount for completed quarters and then for the balance period, interest is calculated for completed months and further for incomplete month on actual number of days.

  • For cumulative deposits, interest is compounded quarterly on completion of exact quarters. For the broken period beyond completed quarters, simple interest is calculated on the cumulated deposit amount for remaining number of days.

  • In case of premature withdrawal, the interest is calculated on the principal amount for completed quarters and then for the balance period, interest is calculated for completed months and further for incomplete month on actual number of days.

Cumulative FDs
  • For cumulative deposits, the interest is compounded quarterly upon completion of the exact quarters. For the balance periods, simple interest is calculated on the cumulative amount of the deposit for the remaining number of days.

Premature withdrawals
  • In case of premature withdrawals, interest is calculated as per the rate applicable for the tenure the deposit remained with ICICI Bank less penal rate as is prescribed by ICICI Bank from time to time.

Click here to view the rates of interest offered by ICICI Bank on fixed deposits.
You can open a fixed deposit account with us easily, through a number of channels like internet banking, iMobile or customer care. Alternatively, you can even simply visit the branch of ICICI Bank that is near to you to open a fixed deposit.

You can open a fixed deposit account with us even with a minimum deposit of ₹10,000 (applicable for general customers). To open a fixed deposit account for minors, you only need to make a minimum deposit of ₹2,000.

The minimum and maximum period for opening a fixed deposit depends on the investment plan you choose. Currently, we offer two options.
  • Traditional plan: Earn interest on a monthly/quarterly basis, as per your requirement, with a maturity period ranging from seven days to 10 years.

  • Reinvestment plan: Earn interest that is compounded quarterly and reinvested along with the principal amount, with a maturity period ranging from six months to 10 years.

  • Note:

  • As interest rates are subject to change without prior notice, depositor shall ascertain the rates on the value date of FD.
  • Interest earned on the Fixed Deposit will be subject to Tax Deducted at Source as per Income Tax laws.
  • Minimum tenure for Domestic & NRO term deposits is 7 days and no interest is payable for deposits prematurely withdrawn within the period of 7 days from the date
  • Minimum tenure for NRE term deposits is 1 year and no interest is payable for deposits prematurely withdrawn within the period of 1 year from the date of deposit.
  • These revised interest rates will be applicable for new deposits and renewal of existing term deposits.
  • *Senior Citizen rates applicable only for domestic term deposit.
  • The maximum aggregate amount that can be invested in the Tax Saver FD (80C FD) under a single PAN is ₹150,000 and the same cannot be closed prematurely before expiry of the lock-in period of 5 years.