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Financial planning is a critical activity that every individual needs to take seriously. It is an activity that can help you gain a sense of financial security. While planning finances, you need to consider three essential things. Firstly, you need to select the investment instruments that best suit your financial goals and risk appetite.

18 Dec 2020


How to open an NPS account?

The procedure to open your NPS account is fairly simple and can be done in a few minutes, just like any other financial investment. It requires you to complete a basic registration process and submit your documentation correctly.

Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing NPS Scheme

To get maximum benefits from the National Pension Scheme, you must select suitable schemes. Click here to find out how you can pick a good NPS scheme.

Future Contract: significance & scope

The Future Contract, recently, has become a popular trading instrument with retail investors. Such a contract is a binding agreement through that the buyer and seller agree to purchase/sell a commodity at a fixed price on a pre-decided date in the future.

Different Types Of Business Loans

Every business requires capital to grow. It requires funds to undertake its existing business activities and use them for further expansion. There are several types of business loans-where companies can receive credit or large sums of money intended solely for business purposes. Click here to know what are the different types of business loans in India.

Difference Between Rupee Forward & Futures Market

Many retail traders prefer dabbling in the derivatives market to strengthen and diversify their portfolios, hedge their positions, and benefit from the underlying asset's price movement. 


Everyone aspires to buy a house. It is the most significant moment of one’s life—where people invest nearly their life savings to purchase a dream home. In India, there are several benefits of taking a joint home loan. Applying for a joint loan eases the process of repayment. It makes you eligible for a higher loan amount.  Click here to learn what are the benefits of a joint home loan.

A comprehensive guide to Currency Market

If you plan to take up Currency Trading but are unsure where and how to start, here is a quick guide that will help you kick-start your Forex Market journey. 

10 main benefits of trading in the Currency Market

The idea of Currency Trading excites you. But you are on the edge when it comes to deciding whether it would be the right avenue for you to make money.

5 Major Points to Understand About Hybrid Funds

There are many options for investment in different financial instruments through mutual funds. It is then up to you to decide what is the best option for investment. The choice of a suitable mutual fund is made considering your investment horizon, expected returns, required liquidity of the investment and the risk factor. One amongst this array of options is a type of mutual fund called hybrid funds. Hybrid mutual funds invest in diverse asset classes like equity, debt, gold, real estate, etc. Hybrid funds are the standard way to invest in multiple asset classes, so let's know more about it.

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Large Cap Fund

What does listening to music and investing in stocks have in common? You build your equity portfolio with different categories of funds with varying allocations to fulfil different needs, just as you enjoy various genres of music at other times and stages of life. And, just as most of us would rather listen to a professional vocalist or instrumentalist than an amateur, we would prefer to invest in equity mutual funds rather than individual stocks. This article will explain the primary reasons why you should consider making large-cap mutual funds a part of your portfolio.