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Introduction to Virtual Stocks

How about matching your guns against the turbulent bears and bulls of the share bazaar? We give you the opportunity to sharpen your wits and tame the beasts.

Check out the Virtual trading platform, offered by ICICI direct. Virtual Stocks is stock market simulator that has all the features of a live stock market.We have tailored our offering to current market practices and want to provide efficient and effective access to a regulated and safe market. The investors can practice stock trading without risking real money. It allows players to gain experience of the actual trading world.

Benefits of trading in Virtual Stocks

Pay less buy more

Unique and interesting platform to gain insights and understanding of how stock markets operate

Cashless trading

Eliminates any monetary risk involved

Cashless trading

No real money is involved but the data is real. Orders are based on quotes of BSE or NSE

Cashless trading

Built on the lines of ICICIdirect.com, the award winning online trading platform and trusted partner for more than 5 million people

Cashless trading

Experience interesting features of ICICIdirect.com

Experience the World of Virtual Stocks



“Firstly, I think more knowledge on professional gameplay in terms of stock trading operations is important for anybody and everybody who’s going into the market. Not only should people know how to make money, but they should also know how other people make money. Secondly, people should have some amount of money to spare after a couple of years, which they can invest to make more money. Hence, Virtual Stocks platform contributes on both the fronts – professional as well as personal.”

M L Singla

Head Dean, FMS-University of Delhi


“An initiative like StockMIND (Virtual Trading Competition organized by ICICIdirect) helps in honing the skills of students such as their analytical and problem solving ability. It also helps them take more risks in life. All these traits are being valued a lot in the corporate world and enhance employability to a larger extent. ”

Dr. Chhabi Sinha Chavan

Dean, Amity Global Business School–Pune


“StockMIND (Virtual Trading competition) has helped students to gain practical insight into the area of investment theory. Our students have started taking lot more interest in the area of Finance. ”

Prof. Raj S. Dhankar

Dean FMS, University of Delhi


“StockMIND certainly helps students in their careers, because they have a more hands-on experience on what they are learning from their books. Teachers can also use this virtual platform to give their students a practical learning experience. ”

Kavita Sharma

Head-Dept. of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics


“All our students felt that they were trading in a real live-market situation, even with virtual money. This is the enthusiasm we are looking for in our students. ”

Arun Babu

HOD-MBA, New Horizon College, Bengaluru